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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FOREX use Third Parties to deliver boxes in the Philippines?

Absolutely not! Forex take great pride in the fact that we DO NOT use any third parties when having our customers boxes delivered no matter which part of the Philippines it may be going to. This is to ensure the safety and security of the boxes we handle as well as the speed of our delivery. It means our costs may be higher doing it this way, but the security of our customer's goods is more important to Forex.

Can I send Air Freight through Forex?

Yes, We are happy to announce our NEW Air Freight service to our Sydney customers. (click here)

Soon this will be available all around Australia. For more information, please call us at 1300 136 739 or 02 8777 0000

Can we send food in the Forex box?

Yes you sure can, but keep in mind that the box is travelling by Sea Freight. As long as the food items you are sending are non-perishable goods. For example: Canned goods and any food items which are not perishable. Make sure you look at the best before dates on the food items and keep in mind that the goods you place in the box will have to travel a few weeks. Definitely NO FRESH FOOD to be packed (or your loved-ones may be in for a nasty surprise)

What are the sizes of the Forex boxes?

We have 2 sized boxes. One is the REGULAR box and the other is PREMIUM box.


The dimensions of these boxes are as follows:


REGULAR Box: 60cm x 53cm x 45cm

PREMIUM Box: 60cm x 53cm x 61cm

For view images of these boxes click here.

How much would it be to send a Forex Box to the Philippines?

We have 2 sized Forex Boxes for you to choose from, a REGULAR and a PREMIUM box. Price would depend on a couple of things, where you are sending from and where you will be sending to. Sea Freight Price and Air Freight Price.

Why are some of the other Door-to-door company's prices cheaper than Forex?

I am glad you asked! I would urge you to not compare Forex to other door-to-door companies on price alone. Compare us on value, same as you would when buying a car or even a shoe. It's like this. You would not compare a vehicle made in China (without naming names) to a BMW on price alone would you? And yet, they both take you from A to B and yes, they both have 4 wheels. That's pretty much where the similarities end.


What is valuable really all depends on what is important to you the customer. Do you simply want to get from A to B the cheapest possible way? If so, the Chinese vehicle is for you. On the other hand, if safety is critical to you then you would be after a vehicle with the latest technologically advanced safety features in order to give you the peace-of-mind knowing that your family is safe. Are you after comfort, fuel economy, power, reliability and a build with experience? If so, then we all know you would be looking at the German vehicle a lot more closely.


With Forex, you are dealing with a company with a 5 STAR RATING when it comes to caring for our customers and providing highest level of safety, speed and convenience. It is easy for any business who has not invested in providing you (the customer) the ultimate value to simply lower their prices. After all, how else can they compete? Sooo, like the buying a car scenario. Ask yourself - What is important to you?

How often do you ship to the Philippines?

Forex ships a minimum of one container every week. All boxes are bar-coded for faster processing and loaded carefully into containers at our Sydney Head Office. After the container is sealed, the container picked up and transshipped and delivered to the Forex Philippines warehouse where boxes are sorted and prepared for delivery around the Philippines.

What can I send in a Forex Box?

Great ideas to send to your loved-ones are Personal goods groceries (such as canned goods, biscuits, noodles, cereals, chocolates, coffee or tea), clothes which are still good, but you no longer use or need, shoes, small electrical appliances such as old TV's or computers, gifts, souvenirs just to name a few.

What can't I send in a Forex Box?

Forex will not accept the following: Illegal drugs Firearms Explosives Motor vehicles Motorbikes Stolen goods Flammable items Cash Very fragile items Lewd, obscene and pornographic materials People (Alive or Dead :)) Your neighbor's favorite pet If you are unsure if an item you are sending is accepted, please call us on 1300 136 739 or 02 8777 0000.

Where is the head office/warehouse of FOREX Australia

 Address: 6/332 Hoxton Park Road, Prestons, NSW, 2170
 Tel. (02)8777 0000 and 1300-1FOREX
 Fax. (02)9826-7133
 Contact: Any of our friendly staff
Feel Free to come and visit, especially during our loading days, to see how we operate and handle Forex Boxes.

What are the other services does Forex offer apart from Door-to-door boxes?

Forex offers a secure and reliable Money Remittance service allowing you to send money to the Philippines fast, at a competitive rate and a low fee. From Credit to Accounts, Door-to-door and Billspay to Cash Pick Ups and more. To find out more about our money remittance service click here.


Forex has recently opened our very own Travel Agency where you and your friends can call us whenever you are thinking of travelling anywhere in the World. Please see our latest Stunning Deals for flights, accommodation and many more at Forex Travel Pty Ltd.


?Forex is always looking for new and innovative products and services we can offer our valued customers and their friends, so please take a moment to register on this website and be a member so you don't miss out on our promos, specials events and more.

Do you accept boxes which are not Forex?

Most definitely we do! We accept boxes from any competitor. We accept boxes which you may have a generic box for an item you want to send, and we also accept goods which already have a packaging (such as washing machine, for example). These are what we call CUSTOM SIZE boxes.

How can I get a price on my CUSTOM Size box?

Because our charges are based on the volume measurement of the item, we would need to know the 3 basic measurements to determine price (Length x Width x Height) in centimeters. We would also need to know where the item is coming from and where you are intending to send it in the Philippines.

If I send CUSTOM Size item, can Forex package it for me?

We accept CUSTOM size items, and yes, we can pack them for you. For price of Forex packing, feel free to call us on 1300 136 739 or 02 8777 0000.

Can I send a TV through Forex? If so, what do I need to know?

Yes, you sure can. We send lots of TV's for our customers all the time. Just note that before you do, make sure that the TV is Multi region system to ensure it will play back NTSC signal also. Most new TV's are compatible, but it is your responsibility to get the accurate information from the manufacturer.


Note: If you live outside of Sydney, it would be best to contact Forex to ensure the Forex representative in your local area accepts bigger items such as this. Transportation to Sydney may be an issue.

Can I send White Goods to the Philippines through Forex?

You sure can. Many of our customers send white goods such as Fridge and Washing Machines to the Philippines. Simply ensure these goods are usable and the power will be compatible.


Note: If you live outside of Sydney, it would be best to contact Forex to ensure the Forex representative in your local area accepts bigger items such as this. Transportation to Sydney may be an issue.

Can I bring my goods to the Forex office and pack it there?

Yes, come in and say hi. Feel free to use our packing equipment to pack your goods at our office. While you are here have a coffee on us. Click here to see our office hours.

What is the weight limit when sending a Forex Box?

There is no weight limit placed on boxes we accept from our customers. Simply keep in mind that the back of our Forex representatives are also breakable, so let's be reasonable when sending goods that may be too heavy. Normally, for as long as you can move the box, our rep and his trolley should have no problem.


Note: For very heavy boxes, we may need to ask for assistance from a male in the house.

How do I order a Forex Box?

If you would like to order a Forex Box for delivery to your home, simply use our Online Box Form or call us on 1300 136 739 or 02 8777 0000 to speak to one of our Forex Box specialists.


Please note: A deposit of $10 per box is required (Regular and Premium Box) prior to or at the time of delivery of empty cartons. This deposit will be deducted from the balance to be paid upon pick up of your Forex Boxes.

When sending Furniture, White good or other electrical, do we pay a tax on these?

No tax will be charged by customs in the Philippines is if you declare the goods to be used and not brand new. Otherwise, yes there may a small tax incurred by Customs Philippines.

Can I get your Manila office contact number to follow up info on our boxes?

As we are one group of Companies, Forex globally all use the one integrated system, so anything you need to know regarding your box can be answered here in our Sydney Head Office, saving you from having to make any International calls. Any questions which cannot be answered immediately will be followed up by our staff and we will get back to you within the day.

What if Forex deliver to our consignee in the Philippines, but there is no one home at the time?

Firstly, we suggest to always include a contact number (preferably mobile) so that our delivery team can contact the consignee if this occurs. If a contact number is unavailable, do not fear as Forex will automatically try to deliver the box 3 consecutive times in a space of a few days, so if we missed the consignee the first time, there would be a good chance we would get them next time.


If after our team has tried to deliver 3 times without any luck, our Manila office will contact us in Sydney to advise the sender of the situation and ensure we delivered the box soonest.

Do you ship boxes from the Philippines to Australia?

Forex specializes in cargo which is sent only into the Philippines. If you need good sent from the Philippines to Australia we would suggest for you to contact FedEx, UPS, or TNT

Do I have to itemize all the goods in the Packing List/Declaration Form you provide with the box?

We suggest you to be as detailed as possible when filling in the Packing List as this is your record of what is in the box, and this is what you are declaring to be the true contents to Forex and to Customs. We suggest that you have the Packing form next to you when packing the box and list down the contents as they go into the box.

Can I send fragile goods in the Forex Box?

Although we handle every box with care, there is always danger of breakage which may be due to stresses on the box during transportation, therefore breakage of fragile items will not be covered by Forex. In saying that, many of our customers often include fragile goods in their boxes. We label the box as fragile with our fragile packing tapes, we also ensure boxes are always handles with care both here in Australia as well as during delivery in the Philippines.

I have a Forex box but can't find my Packing Form to fill up. How can I get one?

That is fine. We have made the box Packing List/Declaration available for you right here. Simply click here to download the form.

Are their areas in the Philippines where Forex does not deliver?

Yes, as the Philippines is made up of thousands of islands, there a few places where it is simply too difficult or dangerous to get to.

See the list below which show the places currently not serviced by Forex.

  • Albasan, Claveria Masbate
  • Antique, Caluya Island
  • Antique, Semirara Island
  • Babuyan Island
  • Batanes Island
  • Cagayan, Palaui Island
  • Cagayan, Sulo Island
  • Camarines Norte, Calagua Island
  • Isabela, Maconacon Island
  • Isabela, Palanan
  • Maguindanao, Bongo Island
  • Occidental Mindoro, Lubang Island
  • Palawan, Balabac Island
  • Palawan, Bugsuk Island
  • Palawan, Cagayancillo Island
  • Palawan, Cuyo Island
  • Palawan, Dumaran Island
  • Palawan, Linapacan Island
  • Palawan, Quiniluban Group Island
  • Poblacion, Calanasan Apayao
  • Quezon, Lubang Island
  • Quezon, Patnanongan Island / Jomalig Island
  • Romblon, Banton Island
  • Romblon, Maestro de Campo Island
  • Romblon, Sumara Island
  • Sarangani, Balut Island
  • Sarangani, Sarangani Island
  • Tinglayan, Kalinga
  • Lanao del Sur (all parts of Lanao del Sur)
  • What is the rate for your Air Freight?

    We charge by Actual weight per box. Some light but bulky items may be charged in Volumetric Weight. For Our Air Freight rates you may get it here.

    What is the Air Freight Minimum Chargeable Weight?

    Our minimum chargeable Weight is 20kg, meaning you may send a box weighing 0-20kgs but you'll still be charge for a 20kg Weight.

    What is the Air Freight Weight Limit per Box?

    You may send a box via our Forex Air Freight Service with a maximum of 30 kilograms per box in Weight.

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